Crusher™ Wireless Immersive Bass Headphones

The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphones look great, are decently comfortable, and, at least for bass fans, will sound great. We didn’t find the bass switch all that helpful — considering the fact that you’ll go from 0 to 100 real quick — but some might like it, especially with a small and subtle boost.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

40 Hours of Battery Life

Rapid Charge: 10 Minutes = 3 Hours

Adjustable Sensory Bass

Noise Isolating Fit

Microphone, Call, Track, and Volume Control


Hesh® 3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Featuring a subtle yet premium look and feel, Hesh 3 is the latest version of our most popular go-anywhere headphone. Praised for its durability and powerful audio, Hesh 3 is your favorite headphone with more tech than ever.


Hesh® 2 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

The Skullcandy Hesh 2 are average-at-best mixed usage headphones. They’re wireless and have a decent sound, but they’re not meant for critical listening. Their isolation performance doesn’t make them versatile enough for loud environments. Also, their design feels a bit cheap. On the upside, they’re fairly easy-to-use, lightweight and they are a bit more breathable than other closed back over-ears.


Riff Wireless™ On-Ear Headphone

Skullcandy’s Bluetooth headphones are usually designed to stand out, and their audio often features a bass-forward sound signature. These affordable wireless headphones are a stylish option for bass lovers. There are just a few design choices here and there that make the Riff Wireless less appealing than they could have been—there’s no padding on the headband, no cable for wired listening, and they’re not suitable for exercise.


Only Skullcandy headphones are custom-tuned to deliver music you can feel. From the lyrics in your soul to the bass in your bones.


We spend hundreds of hours designing, testing and perfecting every Skullcandy product in our Park City, Utah headquarters. But our engineers aren’t your typical corporate lab-coat-wearing technicians. They’re people who love music. They live for adventure. And they know what it’s like to work on the go. Probably a lot like you.